Getting Started

Once you sign up, you should receive an email with your logins details almost instantly through our automated mailing system.

If you have not received your funded account logins within 5 minutes, please double-check your spam folder.

If you still can’t find the login email, please email our support at [email protected], and one of our team members will send you the logins asap.

A Dashboard is under development and will be available in the near future.

As soon as you sign up, we will provide you with the CTI propitiatory Risk Manager Tool. You can add it directly to your trading chart to help you monitor your performance during all phases of the Funded Trader Program and avoid violating any rules.

Yes, of course! We have a large community of funded traders on our Discord Server. You are welcome to join and get in touch via the link below:

The only method of payment on our website is by Credit/Debit Card.

If you prefer another payment method, we can accept Bank Transfer and Crypto USDT payments.

We don’t accept PayPal payments directly through our website because of the high fees; therefore, there will be an extra 4.6% extra to cover the PayPal fee if you wish to pay using PayPal.
(GBP 114 for the $2.5K Evaluation, GBP 209 for $5K Evaluation, GBP 396 for the $10K Evaluation, GBP 469 for $12.5K Evaluation and, GBP 678 for the $17.5K Evaluation).

You can send a payment using PayPal using our PayPal email [email protected]

If you prefer one of the payment methods listed above, please request an invoice by emailing [email protected]

We use a 3rd party to ensure the best price execution and connect us directly to our liquidity provider using STP (Straight Through Processing). You must understand that you’re one of our clients and not our broker’s client. CTI is the broker’s client.

No. There are no fees whatsoever after the 1st payment at the beginning of the evaluation. Also, there are no monthly or hidden fees. We are 100% transparent in our fee structure. We only ask traders to cover the initial potential loss for their evaluation.

The evaluation period starts from the day of issuing the funded account. The trader has up to 1 year to complete the evaluation and meet all the requirements.

Once becoming a Portfolio Manager, the trader can stay up to 2 months without trading activity.

Suppose the Portfolio Manager needs more than two months of inactivity. In that case, you need to notify us via email to [email protected] that you need some time off, and we will put your account on hold until you’re ready to start trading again.

You are allowed to have up to 5 evaluation funded accounts at the same time.

Once passing the evaluation, you are allowed only a 2 PM fully funded account.

This is because we look for independent strategies to diversify our risk; hence, having more than 2 Portfolio Manager accounts with the same funded trader will expose us to an increased level of risk.

Suppose you pass more than two evaluations at the same time. Then, you will be eligible to upgrade only two accounts of your choice (after being paid profit share for all accounts).

Yes, of course, we do! We encourage everyone to join our affiliate program to start earning with CTI £15 per sign up. 

You could also start earning today by joining the Affiliate Program here.

We encourage independent traders and thinkers who can manage our capital and be consistently profitable. 

Therefore, Copy Trading is allowed only if you are copying from your personal trading account; you would need to provide proof of this further down the line showing the MT4 statement of the trading account you are copying to match with the trading account you manage for us.

It is prohibited to copy other traders, other strategies, or other people copy trade programs according to our funding terms and conditions:

  • “11.2.5.‎ The use of the Funded Trader Program for any other purpose than the authenticity of the ‎individual ‎trading.”; and 
  • “11.2.7.‎ Group Trading (Manually or Using the same EA by one individual on Multiple accounts, ‎and/or by Multiple Individuals on Multiple Accounts); and
  • “‎11.2.8.‎ Social Trading, Copy Trading, and any mirrored trading activity.‎

For more info on what terminates your Funded Trader Agreement with us, you can check points #11 on our Funding Terms and Conditions page “
The Termination of the Funded Trader Program.”

Yes, of course. We recommend using ForexVPS as it is one company that offers a good price value with great features.

CTI’s server is located in Amsterdam, so if you want the lowest latency possible, then it’s best that you choose your VPS location in Amsterdam.

Rules Related Questions

You can trade with algorithms or EAs if you developed the EA or bought one that you use personally, with some exceptions.

In some cases, when buying an EA online, multiple traders end up using the same EAs resulting in mirrored trading activity and/or copy trading, where the same trades are taken on two or more accounts.

This activity is prohibited according to points 11.2.7.‎ “Group Trading (Manually or using the same EA by one individual on multiple accounts ‎and/or by multiple individuals on multiple accounts)” and ‎11.2.8.‎ “Social Trading, Copy Trading, and any mirrored trading activity.”

Our company diversifies its risk by having traders trading different strategies among different strategies.

Also, CTI prohibits High-Frequency Trading, Ultra-Fast Scalping, Latency Arbitrage Trading, Any Tick Scalping Strategies, any Copy Trading of other person ‎signals, any Reverse Arbitrage Trading, any Hedge Arbitrage Trading, and the use of any emulators according to point 11.2.6 of our terms and conditions.

The Leverage on the accounts is 1:10. It allows enough lots for all kind of traders from scalping to swing trading.

The more profit you make on the accounts the more lots you can open because of the buffer generated from the extra profits on the account.

You can also scale into open positions. 

For effective risk management, you can utilise the 1:10 Leverage in incremental steps.

You do NOT get disqualified immediately if you make a genuine mistake. CTI is flexible and does not try to catch you on genuine mistakes regarding the following rules.

1. Exceeding the max 1.5% max Stop Loss risk per position.
2. closing trades without a Stop Loss.
3. Exceeding the Max Lot Size Allowance.

When breaking any of the rules above, you will not get disqualified, but any profits you made, violating one of the rules above, will not be counted towards the final target.

The only way you would get disqualified immediately is if you hit your Max Loss allowed and any of the points “11” listed under the tab “The Termination of the Funded Trader Program” in our Terms and Conditions. 

Otherwise, we would never disqualify you without any notice. We usually send warning emails of any violations. At some point, if the violations continue without adhering to our risk management policies, then we would disqualify you after letting you know that we would be taking this action.

No. The evaluation period is up to 1 year. However, suppose you complete all the requirements before one year. In that case, you will be upgraded to the Portfolio Manager with a fully funded account immediately, as long as you have met all the other requirements.

We look for consistency in your trading over at least 30 trading days because it is important to see consistency in your trading during your Evaluation Phase. This is also important to avoid gambling. We use the time requirement to show us that you will be a responsible trader and trust to allocate a larger amount of our capital to you. Carry on trading the same way until you reach the evaluation profit target.

Trades in & out only to fulfil the 30 min active trading days requirements will not be counted. This is because we have our evaluation rules to properly assess the trader’s performances over at least 30 trades.

You can, however, reduce your risk. The goal is to avoid having flat equity curve resulting from opening and closing trades without having a real trade according to your trading plan.

To avoid this situation, we advise spreading the risk over the evaluation time and creating a more smooth equity curve rather than having a steep spike in profit and then only having a flat equity curve.

Therefore we want to see consistency throughout the evaluation with your strategy, but of course, you can drop your risk.

The lot size also grows to scale with the account. For example, suppose the max lot size for the evaluation phase of the $12.5K funded account is 0.75. In that case, your lot size will grow from 0.75 lots to 3 lots once you become a Portfolio Manager. Once we upgrade the account size to $85K, the lot size will also grow from 3 to 6 lots, and so on.

For Evaluation, drawdown is trailing and is called “Relative Drawdown $”.

CTI calculates it from the Highest Account Realised Balance $ to ‎the lowest Account Balance $ and/or Equity Value $ (including unrealised profit/loss).

The drawdown is the fixed USD $ amount based on 5% of the initial account balance $ calculated from the High Water Mark Account Balance.

Therefore if you have a $12,500 account and you make $400 profit with a realised Balance high of $12,900, your Max Relative Drawdown $ amount (not %) would be $625 ($12,500 x 5%), and you would get stopped out when your equity level (including floating losses) reaches $12,400 ($12,900 – $625).

At this Balance $ and/or Equity Value $ level, the account would automatically get disabled by our automatic risk management system.

During the Portfolio Manager Phases, The Max Loss becomes absolute drawdown $ (fixed loss from the initial account balance), meaning that if you started with a $50,000 account, you are allowed to lose $2,500 ($50,000 x 5%), and your stop out level would be $47,500.

Unfortunately, this would not be possible since we require you to place a stop loss on every trade inside the MT4 Terminal.

Otherwise, our risk management system will flag these trades as violations, and any trades closed without a stop loss will not count towards the target nor your 30 Active Trading Days.

Thus we would extend your target by the violation amounts.

A trading day is a day where you open a new trade. So if you open 5 trades in a day, it’s still only one trading day. Likewise, if you hold a trade for 3 days, it’s still only one trading day.
Thus if you took a trade every day, it would take you six weeks minimum to achieve this requirement.

It would be wise to reduce your risk if you hit the target before completing the 30 ATD, while you just need to keep trading until you achieve the minimum 30 ATD requirement.

This rule is essential for establishing a relationship with you and trusting that you can trade profitably over time and not just hit the target in a few trades.

Therefore you have between 6 weeks and 12 months to hit the target and minimum trading days.

Withdrawals Related Questions

As a general policy, your withdrawal must be processed as a refund to the card with which you paid.

Once the withdrawal amount exceeds the payment amount, we can process your withdrawal with any of the following payment methods PayPal, Transferwise, Revolut.

As a PM, you need to send us an email requesting a withdrawal at the end of the month, specifying the amount you wish to withdraw and the amount you wish to leave in your account.

With every withdrawal request, CTI will also withdraw its 40% profit share. 

You can make a withdrawal request once a month, during the last five days of the month, and you should allow up to 7 days to receive your withdrawal payment.

All Portfolio managers have the option to withdraw profits monthly or keep funds in as a buffer against drawdown; withdrawing will not impact the account growth of the program. 

For example, suppose you passed the $12.5k evaluation and became a Portfolio Manager on the $50K fully funded account. In that case, you will have a profit target of $5,000 (10%). If, in this case, in your first month, you make a profit of $3,000 (6%), bringing the account balance to $53,000; you will have three choices:

  1. Withdraw the total amount.
  2. Withdraw a partial amount.
  3. Keep the funds in as an extra buffer against drawdown. 

Suppose you request a withdrawal of your 60% profit share, which in this example is $1800. Then, CTI will also withdraw its 40% profit share ($1,200) from the funded account. Thus, the account balance will drop to $50,000, and the trader’s fixed stop out level will remain $47,500. 

However, after withdrawal, you will only have to make the remaining $2,000 (4%) to complete the profit target objective in the following time. This is because you have a target to generate $5,000 profit $ in total, and CTI will not penalise you for withdrawing as you gradually make profits. 

CTI wants you to trade at your own pace and without any restrictions; therefore, you don’t have any minimum trading days or max time limits to generate the 10% profit target.

Whenever you achieve the 10% profit target, you should close all your open positions, and CTI will pay you the 60% profit share and upgrade your account to the next PM level.

All our traders are independent contractors who get the option to withdraw profits monthly. Thus they are responsible for their own taxes in their own respective countries.
The best way to go about this is to ask an accountant in your city who can give you advice based on your circumstances.