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We are very proud to have formed an excellent rapport with many of our students and traders alike. We’ve developed more than just great working relationships! Here’s what they’re saying about us:

Funding Hundreds of
Traders Worldwide
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27 Years of Professional
Trading Experience
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90% of Our Previous Students Are Profitable
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Meet one of our successful traders who is trading our funded accounts. He is a great example to read about his journey with City Traders Imperium.

Breaking: A Great Success by One of Our Recent Funded Traders!

GREAT NEWS! Another one of our most successful traders – R. T. – has done amazingly well in passing our evaluation for our Forex Funded Trader Program.

What Does It Take to Win At Forex Trading?

In reality, it depends on the foundations that a trader is built. The Mindset and Psychology of the trader are what puts you on the top 5% in trading. It all boils down to YOU. How you perceive the market, how you feel about the market, and how you react to the market is what separate successful from unsuccessful traders.

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