YES! Another Success Story with CTI’s Funded Forex Trader?

More and more traders are passing City Traders Imperiums evaluation because we offer the most rewarding forex funded trader program in the industry.

Our mission is to fund under capitalised traders who have the skills but lack the capital. And, here is just another success story from one of our recent funded traders.

We want to congratulate Ellis Rowan for his success in passing our evaluation for the funding program. He started back on 07/02/2020 and in just over 1 month, he moved to the fully funded account and started trading with $50,000 on 17/03/2020. [Check out his review on Trust Pilot]

Ellis Rowan City Traders Imperiums Forex Funded Trader
Ellis Rowan Trading Track Record

Can you please tell us about your forex trading experience before trading the City Traders Imperium’s funded trader account?

With no prior experience of the financial markets, I was introduced to the world of FX in September 2016. The unfortunate part is that like most new traders, I was intrigued by the wrong crowd, the “FX Lifestyle” crowd. You know, the guy showing off his California beach house or hopping out of his Lamborghini while telling us how he made 110% return in 3 days… that crowd.

I bought courses, trading systems and even joined a few virtual trading groups. But I kept running into the same issue, the system worked fine when they did it, but not so much for me. Over the next 2 years of highs and lows (more of the latter), I detoxed myself from all that get rich YouTube garbage after finally realizing that FX is a marathon, not a sprint. In late 2018, I began working on a proprietary trading system that would work for me. The rest is history…

Can you share your experience trading our forex funded account with our audience?

As part of my evaluation for a $50,000 account, I was provided $12,500 (25% of the full amount) of live trading capital. The requirements were to hit a 6% profit target with a minimum of 45 trades and a tight 4% max DD. I met all CTI requirements and successfully passed the evaluation phase in approximately 5 weeks. Within 48 hours, I received my fully funded account of $50,000, and I’m now aiming for my next profit target of 10%.

What was the trading strategy that you used to pass the evaluation?

I use a proprietary indicator-based trading algorithm inspired by NNFX. I do not trade price action, fundamentals, patterns, etc. My system provides precision entry and exit points on the daily time frame. I do what my system tells me to do and just trade. That’s all.

Would you recommend others to Join CTI’s Funded Trader Program?

I must say that I am very pleased with the level of service provided by CTI. So many prop firms out here really do not have your best interest in mind as a trader. CTI stands by their word and delivers as promised with no smoke and mirrors. When I have questions, Martin is extremely helpful in providing resolution and responds in a timely manner.

Can you advise others on how to trade the funded accounts? 

There is so much that goes into trading Forex, and if you are not careful, you can easily be persuaded down the wrong path. Based on my personal experience, my advice to new and up-and-coming FX traders is:

1.) This may sound rudimentary, but you must find or develop a system that works for YOU. A system that fits your lifestyle and personality. Some traders are drawn to the rush of excitement that can be fulfilled with scalping or active day trading. While others may have limited time, families or full-time jobs which may make them a better fit for swing trading. I used to be part of a Skype group of traders where they would passionately banter about Price Action vs Fundamentals. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you are finding success with YOUR method of trading. Do what works best for you.

2.) As aforementioned, Forex is a marathon, not a sprint. You truly must have immense patience and discipline to find long-term success in trading. Without these pillars, expect to have limited success (if any) with your trading.

3.) In addition to Trading Psychology, the real game is won with Risk Management. A trader with little experience and a sub-par trading system could still yield positive results with proper risk management. Per CTI requirements, max risk allowed per trade is 1.5%. I personally use 1%, sometimes even as low as 0.50% per trade. Traders, if you plan to successfully trade a CTI account with a max drawdown of 4%, I advise you to start with low risk and a solid risk management system in place.

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