Having got an initial trading education, but not getting anywhere, a friend suggested I contact Daniel Martin to see if he can help. I have now been having in coaching sessions with Daniel since June 2018. He builds a base from mindset and psychology and then moves to technical. Unlike other FX mentors, Daniel’s style is not a cookie-cutter. He first teaches how to distinguish characteristics of the market and then refines the methods for one to see it clearly. Since I started working with Daniel, I feel more confident and have more clarity in my trading. I’m still trading with small pip size but have progressed and continue to progress with each session. I hope to start trading with big pip size and earn a living from the trading having an option to work or do something I’m passionate about. I’m very confident I can get there working with Daniel.

– Ramila Patel –

Advance Yoga & Wellbeing Instructor

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