A Great Success by One of Our Recent Funded Traders!

GREAT NEWS! One of our most successful traders – Fiiyat A. – has done amazingly well in passing our evaluation for our Forex Funded Trader Program.

He has done so great with his risk management and discipline, So we have rewarded him with $52,000 fully funded account. [Check his review on trust pilot].

Below, he shares his story with other forex traders explaining how he succeeded in his trading to help other traders follow his steps.

City Traders Imperium - Forex Funded Trader Program Success Story
Fiiyat A. Evaluation’s Trading Statement

Can you tell us a little bit about your trading experience before joining City Traders Imperium?

I began learning the art of trading at the beginning of 2015. Although I failed at every attempt during the first 2.5 years, I never stopped learning and developing myself. I spent hours researching, backtesting, reading books, watching videos, forward testing, self-developing, meditating, eating right, staying fit, daily journaling, eliminating, organizing and sacrificing on a daily basis.

There wasn’t a day when I didn’t affirm to myself the FACT that I would BECOME a successful and disciplined trader. I did all this whilst working full/part-time in several jobs.

1.5 years before joining CTI’s Funded Trader Program, I began working closely with a group of talented traders. We put our minds and resources together to create POWERFUL strategies and protocols.


Can you Explain about your experience with our funded account?

It was a brilliant experience and difficult at the same time. I had to focus so much on ensuring every trade was High Probability and that it was being managed well.

The biggest difference I noticed was that the experience enhanced and evolved my trading psychology and improved my EDGE.


Can you explain the strategy that you used in trading our funded account?

The strategies I use are based on a mixture of technical patterns like wedges, advanced patterns, reversal setups, retail stop zones, fundamental catalyst, momentum, counter-trend moves, price action and correlation.


Are you happy with our service and the account? If so, Why?

Every time I called Martin he would give me ample time and also offer me some very valuable insights/advice on how to succeed. CTI responded to me on the same day most times. I was impressed with their service throughout. I even got to speak with Daniel when I passed the evaluation, which was a significant moment in my trading career.


Can you advise others on how to trade the funded accounts?

I had to adjust my entry and exit criteria to suit the CTI Risk Management rules. In fact, it improved and complimented my strategies. I wanted to hit the target as quickly as possible but also keep the Drawdown low. So I ensured I scaled into good winners and reduced my risk during losing streaks.

The initial position I would risk 0.25% and I would keep adding 0.25% risk during the initial momentum in my favour. I would trade setups that give me a minimum of 1:5RR. Keep the risk low on the initial position and add if it’s going in your favour.

I would scale-out and bank profits when the price is at previous structure but depending on the momentum I would bank only 25-80% of the position.

The main strategy that contributed the most to my success was my morning routine which begins with a good nights rest. I would be more profitable on days where I completed my routine and followed the process.

Another strategy I used was to review all my setups, performance, and self-review every weekend. I keep a very detailed trading journal on a MUST HAVE software called Edgewonk.

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