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The Only Strategy You’ll Ever Need.

Shiny object syndrome and strategy hopping are real obstacles to your trading success.

For 95% of your fellow traders, that’s exactly what’s holding them back. Maybe even you?

And on top of that, any strategy found online and commonly used falls prey to market manipulations.

Market makers and institutions know exactly how you trade and where you place your trades.

The STT strategy solves all of that.

Exclusive and profitable

The STT strategy was first developed in 2008  by Daniel Martin. (CEO of CTI)

It’s been kept secret among a small group of highly profitable traders until now.

It simply trumps any strategy found on the internet or YouTube because its not there!

The STT is an easy to follow, simple strategy based on precise rules. This reduces the risk of emotions getting the better of you and causing self sabotage in your trading.

Not just that, it’s uniqueness gives it the special advantage of going against the crowd.

In the markets, the crowd (retail traders) are usually wrong.

And when they are right, whales notice this to stop-hunt the smaller fish like you and me.

It’s exclusivity and high risk-to-reward nature makes it the easiest path to long term profitability for years to come.

This is WHY it works

The Magic formula to trading success is this:

Backtested proven strategy + Ongoing support.

Simple right?

Well up until now… only commercial trading firms in expensive offices could provide traders with that formula.

Now in 2021, we’re officially the first ones to provide traders around the world with a highly profitable strategy (The STT) and support to go along with it.

Without requiring any prestigious degrees

The STT has been live backtested consistently since 2008. Through all the market waves and years of high and low liquidity.

And year after year, the group of traders using it have come out on top.

Perfect for beginners and experienced traders

The STT is easily digestible and you’ll be trading high quality set ups in a matter of weeks.

Even completely new traders can become instantly profitable using the STT and its support to go with it.

Imagine if you gave me $1 and I gave you $30 in return? You’d give me as much as you can right?

Well that’s exactly what the STT strategy is.

Even as a beginner with a modest 10% win rate you’d still end up with 20$ in profit.

Now imagine the average 30-40% win rate.

This is the beauty of a strategy with a High Risk-To-Reward.

Very simple and beginner friendly which works on all time frames.

Perfect for experienced scalpers, day traders or swing traders.

This Is What Our STT Members Have Said

City Traders Imperium - CEO - Head Trader - Daniel Bautista Martin

My name is Daniel and
this is my story...

Hi, I’m Daniel Martin, the co-founder of CTI and I have 20  years experience trading profitable trading the markets profitably.

“When I first came to London in the year 2000 with only €300 in my pocket. I spent all of it during my first week on food and accommodation.

Being absolutely penniless, I realised I needed to make a living somehow. And so without speaking a word of  English, I started working as a porter.

And at that time, the only question I had on my mind was: “How Can I improve my situation?”

After 2 years, a colleague of mine asked: “why don’t you learn about Forex?” He told me that all I needed was at least £500. I said to myself: no way I can afford that with my wages!

I immediately felt hopeless…

I thought £500 would take me an entire year to save. For me, it felt impossible at the time. This was also around the time when my first child was born where I was working 3 jobs, 7 days a week. However, little by little, I managed to save a small amount until I could afford a second hand computer and a stable internet connection.

This was the beginning of the hardest 5 years of my life.

Each day the markets beat me down. Through all the pain and losses, I was still learning. Between 2003 and 2008. I would stare at the charts every day. To make matters worse, I still couldn’t afford any trading courses, books or a mentor. At the time, there were no companies that would fund a trader like me. A trader with no economics degree or ANY professional experience.

My trading skills were horrible…

I made all the classic mistakes a beginner would make and made them for a LONG time. I didn’t even know what trading psychology and risk management were let alone bother monitoring them. 

As a novice, the first emotions I felt was fear when I lost money and greed when I made money.

And from that I learned an important lesson: “In trading, If you don’t have already profitable professional traders teaching you the ropes, the chances of success are minimal.”

To become profitable, I spent 6 years learning by myself. I had to focus all my efforts on developing my trading psychology and strategy. 

With countless hours spent on absorbing every piece of learning material I could find. I had created very powerful techniques that transformed me completely. I was no longer fearful of losses and refused to allow self-sabotage that would cause me to fail and let my family down.

I had realised the only way out was to go ALL IN!

From 2008 onwards, I became consistently profitable. And at the time, not many traders were profitable which felt great. I had developed a very special strategy with a high success rate which I call the STT Strategy. Finally I wasn’t afraid of losing trades anymore.

I don’t want anyone to go through with what I had to face.

So, from 2011, after 3 years of consistent profitability. I began mentoring traders. After years of mentoring hundreds of students, I developed several crucial methodologies that would cut the 5 year learning curve to just less than 1. 

Not only does my framework save you 4 years, it also turns you into a highly profitable trader who can extract profits from the markets at will. 

I literally started with nothing. But now 20 years later, as a result of my financial success…

I teamed up with other professional traders and created The MasterMind group.

The MasterMind has grown organically into a profit churning online community where we liberate traders all around the world and help them achieve their personal freedom and financial success

This is exactly what you get in the
stt Package

Not only do you get an exclusive and highly profitable strategy. You also get lifetime support and a private community of veteran traders .

You also get access to:


A very unique strategy developed by Daniel since 2008.

High Reward

So even if you’re starting out, you’ll still be profitable with few wins.

Support Group

Including Daniel himself for private help and coaching.

Works on Any Market

Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Indices, Commodities... the STT Strategy is limitless in opportunity.

Any Trading Style

The STT strategy works in all Timeframes due to its universal nature.

20h Learning Material

Including example trades so no stone gets left unturned.

STT Community

All trading the same strategy and sharing Highly Profitable setups with each other daily.


20% Funding Discount

We really strive to increase your chances of being profitable with significant trading capital.

Only For Selected Few ...!

The STT is for every skill level.

Whether you are a novice just starting out and in need of guidance or a seasoned trader looking to level up their game.

Due to the exclusive nature of the STT strategy for it to stay profitable for decades to come.

We only allow a limited number of admissions each month into our highly private profit-churning community.

This is to keep the quality of service, engagement and support as high as possible.

We vet each applicant with a 30 minute discovery call to see if we are the right fit for each other.

This is to keep the quality of service, engagement and support as high as possible.

We vet each potential member with a 30 minute discovery call to see if you are a right fit for the HPT Mastermind Program.

Competition is fierce, each month we get hundreds of applications and we only accept 15% of applicants due to our vetting criterion.

Will you be the next trader guaranteed to become profitable and trade our 20k, 50k or 70k funding challenges?


Our members success rate depends entirely on the effort they put in. We can provide you with the best trading education that has helped our veteran traders succeed in their respective proprietary trading firms. But it depends on you if you are willing to take this wealth of knowledge and do something with it. That being said, all our members that do put in the effort. Have a 100% success rate.

The difference between this and other strategies is its uniqueness. Although it’s foundations are based on the popular triangle-based strategy. The STT has a very specific and unique way of trading that is unseen except for a small group of elite traders. With that being said, a strategy unknown to manipulative market makers combined with the support and trading alongside elite traders all using the same strategy. Creates a highly lucrative “STT strategy package”.

The length of time to see results is entirely dependent on the effort you put in. It depends on factors such as how quickly you can consume our education and implement what you’ve learned. Based on this it generally takes anywhere from 1-2 months to become proficient at the STT.

Absolutely! Our main mission is to equip traders with the skills and knowledge to trade successfully and professionally. Once that’s done, getting funded is the easy part.

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