Many traders don’t make it in forex trading because they never had the opportunity to join or be around professional traders. And this is exactly what you will get in our Inner-Circle Program.

In our Inner-Circle Program, you will have access to intensive 1 to 1 mentoring with our senior trader Daniel Martin. You will learn everything you need to know to be a successful trader and become a full-time trader.

What makes this 1 to 1 mentoring unique is that it is the quickest way to be a top performer trader and join our team of top 10 traders.

Being a trader is not easy, especially if you’re learning on your own. 90% of traders fail because they’ve never had the opportunity to trade alongside professional traders.
But 90% of our students who chose this route became profitable within 3 months of mentoring. They have shown substantial improvements in their trading simply because of having a personal mentor.

In fact, Martin Najat, the co-founder of City Traders Imperium, chose this route when he met Daniel, and he has been a full-time trader ever since.

Do you want to be in our Inner Circle team? Contact us today to learn more about this option.