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Derived from Latin, City Traders “Imperium” mission is to build an “Empire” of funded traders from around the globe. A pioneering vision which began with the pursuit empowering traders has led to the inception of a global network of Golden Traders achieving freedom and fulfilment in their lives.

CTI's extensive expertise in trading multiple assets over an accumulated four decades of experience provides its traders and clients with powerful solutions. Comprised of a talented team of professional traders that have revolutionised the Forex industry; CTI continues to offer pioneering products in the most lucrative market in the world.

The firm prizes a culture that reflects a synergetic process of progression and achievement for its members towards financial freedom. Every team member
lives by the firm's core principles of discipline, superior mindset and money management, thus placing them in the top 1% of winning traders.

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Daniel Martin

Head Trader

Martin Najat

Senior Trader

Rodrigo Antonio

Chief Marketing Officer
Portfolio Manager

Jamie Morris

Chief Commercial Officer
Portfolio Manager

Jigar Mankani

Co-Founder of
Capital Macro

Our Traders Around The Globe

*This interactive map illustrates real CTI Funded Traders from around the world. The traders listed do not represent the total amount of Funded Traders as it only shows a small group of them. If your name appears on this map, then please email some of your social media profiles so other members of the community can follow you. You can email us on [email protected]

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We Are All About Building a Community of Profitable Traders. We Share Ideas. Talk Technical. Think Fundamental. Join Our Ever-Growing Community. Never Be Left Alone.

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