How I Passed The $20K Forex Funded Account Evaluation In 1 Month

Jason Carpenter from the USA has achieved a great success trading CTI Forex Funded Trader Program. His success came from his discipline when trading and following his rules.

Jason started with CTI back in 19/02/2020 and has completed his evaluation for the $20,000 funded account on 27/03/2020, just a little over 1 month.
[Check his review on trust pilot].

Below, he shares his story with other forex traders explaining how he succeeded in his trading to help other traders follow his steps.

Jason Carpenter City Traders Imperiums Forex Funded Trader
Trading Track Record of Jason Carpenter

Can you tell us a little bit about your trading experience before joining City Traders Imperium?

I have been trading forex for a few years with my small account. It has been challenging to grow a small account.


Can you Explain about your experience with our funded account?

Working with City Traders Imperium has been simple and easy. As soon as I passed the evaluation, they were there to help me move on to a funded account.


Can you explain the strategy that you used in trading our funded account?

I follow the NNFX method of trading taught by VP. I use a set of indicators to tell me when to enter a trade and when to exit.


Are you happy with our service and the account? If so, Why?

I have been very happy with CTI’s service and looking forward to a long and profitable relationship.


Can you advise others on how to trade the funded accounts?

First, learn how to trade the NNFX way. Create a trading system with proper risk and money management. Trade your system, profit and repeat.
Another strategy I used was to review all my setups, performance, and self-review every weekend.

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    Kenny Hodge says:

    Congrats Jason, I’m a NNFXer myself and you are definitely showing that our method can be profitable. Continued success!!

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