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Maximise your trading skills and show us you can trade by passing our evaluation programme and get access to 4 times your initial evaluation capital. City Traders Imperium is continuously looking for talented traders to join its team and trade its capital.


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Advantages of Trading with City Traders Imperium

It is very simple to start trading our capital as long as you have the right approach to trading. We don’t put limitations on your trading because we believe that if you’re already a profitable trader why should we limit your trading by specific trading hours or any other unnecessary rules? We want to give you the chance to leverage your skills by applying the same exact methodology that you have been applying on your personal account. Just follow the next 3 steps and you will start trading our capital immediately.

  • Select one of our evaluation plans
  • Start trading our live account
  • Become qualified and earn a profit

Risk- Free

Risk- Free

Never risk a penny of your own capital anymore. Trading with CTI means building a long successful relationship by trading CTI’s funds.

No Restrictions

No Restrictions

You will never have any restrictions on your strategy because we want you to succeed. You will be allowed to trade through the news, and leave the trades open over the weekend if you need to. Also, there are no daytime restrictions on your trading. You will have complete freedom.

Earn From Day One

Earn From Day One

You will get paid your profit share when you’ve finished the evaluation phase. We love to reward you for your hard work immediately.

Accelerated Growth Account

Accelerated Growth Account

After the evaluation, you will get 4x your initial account size, and then we will double your account each time you reach your target. CTI’s funded accounts offer the most rewarding account growth scheme in the industry.

Get Paid Monthly

Set Up Assistance

Never wait to reach your 10% profit to get paid. Instead, you will get paid for any profit % you make in any given month without affecting your account growth.

Professional Trading

Professional Trading

Develop the right psychology to trade like a Professional

Evaluation Requirments

  • Trading Assets: All Forex Combinations Of the Following Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, AUD, NZD, CAD
  • Minimum Positions: 40 Multiple entries of the same pair at overlap time are considered as one position count.
  • Minimum Active Trading Days: 20
  • Maximum Time to Reach Target: 6 Months (can be extended upon request).
  • Stoploss Value for Each Position: -1.5%. Including hedge positions.
  • Holding Overnight is allowed
  • Holding Over The weekend is allowed

White Label Program

Are you looking to provide funding to your clients? Get in touch now for our zero cost White Label Model


Affiliate Referral Program

Earn 10% commission from every trader you refer to us. All you have to do is to sign up

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