Terms and Conditions

  • City Traders Imperium is an educational and prop trading firm that runs and manages an online forex funded accounts program. 
  • City Traders Imperium allows any aspiring trader who is above +18 years and from any nationality to join its funded trader program. 
  • City Traders Imperium provides evaluation and fully funded forex trading accounts to traders with monthly payments with an opportunity for compounding profits in its funded account growth scheme. 
  • City Traders Imperium is continuously looking for traders who are looking to build a trading career and trade the company’s capital worldwide.  
  • City Traders Imperium Ltd is a privately owned company that operates under the brand name City Traders Imperium. 
  • City Traders Imperium is not a financial institution of any kind. It’s not a broker, and it does not market for any brokerage services. 

The Company: 

  • City Traders Imperium is the company providing the funding accounts to the traders. 

The Trader: 

  • The Evaluation Trader is the trader who is pursuing the evaluation on a live funded account to qualify for the Portfolio Manager (PM) once the trader meets the full requirements. 
  • The Portfolio Manager (PM) Trader is the trader who has achieved the initial evaluation targets and is trading a fully forex funded account.
  • City Traders Imperium charges only a one-time fee to cover the trading costs or losses the trader may incur during the evaluation phase of the funded account program.
  • City Traders Imperium does not charge any monthly or recurring fees throughout the whole funding program.
  • The sign-up fee is not a deposit into a trading account of any kind.
  • City Traders Imperium does not refund any sign-up fee once the trading account has been issued to the trader.
  • Once the trader started trading the evaluation funded account, the trader cannot upgrade to a larger funded account, not downgrade to a smaller funded account.

The Evaluation Phase

  • The evaluation phase is the first stage of the funded trader program, where it is provided for the practical part of their education.
  • In this stage, the trader must show a consistently profitable trading performance for the period of the evaluation specified by the company while meeting all the risk management policies.

The Portfolio Manager (PM) Phase 

  • The Portfolio Manager Phase (PM) is the phase where the trader has met all the trading requirements during the evaluation phase. 
  • During this phase, the trader will be fully qualified, and City Traders Imperium will contract the trader to trade the company’s capital. 

The Risk Management Policies

  • City Traders Imperium requires each trader to manager their positions according to the risk management policies and trading guidelines specified on the website. 
  • City Traders Imperium will observe the trading activity of its traders and warn them for any violations of the risk management policies. 
  • If the trader doesn’t comply with the risk policies, City Traders Imperium has the right to terminate the traders’ account and exclude them from the funded trader program. 
  • However, the trader can always apply again for the funding program if they wish to comply with the risk policies. 

The Profit Payments

  • City Traders Imperium will pay the trader’s share of profit, automatically, at the end of each month had the trader been profitable. 

The Termination of The Funding Program

  • The termination of the funding program can occur due to the trader inability to adhere to the risk policies for both the evaluation and the portfolio manager phases.

Who Can Trade The Funded Accounts? 

  • Anyone who is above 18 years. 
  • Traders from any nationality from Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, & Australia. 
  • The funded accounts are available for individual traders only to trade the company’s capital. 
  • ID as proof of identity. This is to prove that the trader is the only one trading the forex funded account. 

Experience in the Forex Market

  • The trade must have at least some knowledge with forex trading terms, such Market Open and Closing Hours, Economic Calendar and Releases, Flexible and Fixed Spreads, Commissions, Overnight Swaps, Pip, Point Value, Lot Size, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Market Order, Stop Order, Limit Order, Ask, Bid, Drawdown $, Drawdown %, and type
  • The trader must also demonstrate adequate trading skills during and after passing the evaluation. 
  • The trader must understand the risk management policies and the minimum requirements. Also, the trader must adjust his strategy risk exposure to match the requirements of the funding program before starting to trade City Traders Imperium’s Capital.

The Trading Capital

  • City Traders Imperium supplies its traders with a trading capital to trade during the funded account program. 
  • The trader may incur during the evaluation or the portfolio manager phase will not be liable for any losses. 

Trading Platform

  • City Traders Imperium provides the trading platform MT4 to its traders while trading for the company. 
  • The trader will have full control of the trading platform. Also, City Traders Imperium will not interfere with any trades unless the trader is not complying with the risk management policies. 
  • City Traders Imperium provides MT4 platform on Windows OS only. Any trader with a Mac IOS can install the MT4 using an assistant software, such as Parallel, or Play on Mac. The trader can also use FXpro MT4 for Mac platform as a medium to trade with City Traders Imperium’s funded account. 

The Protection of The Trading Capital

  • The trader is required to act responsibly while trading with City Traders Imperium and throughout the whole duration of the funded account to avoid any severe losses on the account. 
  • The trader must apply the required measures to enforce the risk management policies specified by City Traders Imperium. 
  • The trader must not give access to the funded account to any 3rd parties. Doing so will terminate the activity of the trader. 
  • If the trader thinks of any theft or loss of the account access credentials, the trader must report to City Traders Imperium by email – info@citytradersimperium.com. 

The trader can trade any of the 28 currency pairs specified below:


The trader is allowed to trade the currencies pairs specified above. If the trader trades other assets not specified by City Traders Imperium, it will cause a termination of the forex funded account and disqualification of the program.

City Traders Imperium expects the trader to reinforce the risk management guidelines and policies over strategy. Below are the definitions and examples of components of the funded trader program. 

The Profit Target

  • On each stage of the program, the is defined in terms of net USD. 
  • All the trading costs, spreads, commissions, overnight swaps will be deducted when calculating the profits target. 
  • Any profits made by a violation of the risk policies will also be deducted from the final profit target upon passing the evaluation. In this case, the profit target will be extended by the amount of the profit made by risk policies violation. 

The Maximum Lot Size (Maximum exposure) 

  • The Maximum Exposure is the maximum lot size the trader can open at the same time during while trading. 
  • For example, if the max lot size a trader can open is 0.80 lots, then the trader can open 1st position on EURUSD 0.40 + 2nd position on NZDJPY 0.20 + 3rd position on GBPCAD 0.10 + 4th position on USDCHF 0.10. 
  • So the total lot size open at the same time would be 0.40 +0.20 + 0.10 +0.10 = 0.80. 
  • However, the trader can always open more than 0.80 lots after moving the stop loss to break even. 
  • For example, if the trader moves the stop loss of the previous trade [ EURUSD 0.40 lots ] to break even and covers the risk, then the trader will have another 0.40 lots new allowance. 
  • However, If the trader has 2 or more position open in the opposite direction on the same currency pair (hedging), it does not reduce the max exposure.

The Growth of the Maximum Lot Size

  • The Max Lot size grows relative to the account size. For example, if the max lot size allowed to trade on the $12,500 trading account is 0.60 lots, then once the trader passes the evaluation and become a fully funded trader with $50,000, the max lot size will be 0.60 x 4 = 2.4 lots, then 2.4 x 2 = 4.8 lots, and so on. 

The Relative Drawdown $ 

  • The Relative Drawdown is the maximum difference from the highest account Realized Balance to the lowest Equity (unrealized value). 
  • The losses can never exceed the value of the Maximum Relative Drawdown specified at the start of each evaluation and portfolio manager stage.  
  • For example, 
  • If the account balance was at $15,000 on the 3rd January, and on 30th February the account, the account balance was $14,500, then the Relative Drawdown $ would be $14,500 – $15,000 = -$500

The Hard Stop Loss Value of 1.5% of The Account Balance

  • The trader must take into consideration that any market order, pending order, or stop order has a stop loss of a max of 1.5% risk of the account balance. 
  • This means that if the trader’s account is $12,500, the trader can open a trade with a maximum risk of than $187.5 (1.5% of $12,500). 
  • It is important to note that if the trader opens multiple positions on the same currency pair at an overlapping time, the multiple positions’ combined risk can be up to 1.5% of the account balance are considered 1 trade. 
  • For example, on a $12,500 funded trader account, if the trader has an open 1st position on EURUSD risking 1% ($125), then the trader can open the 2nd position on EURUSD with 0.5% ($62.5) risk only.  

Time Evaluation Time Limit

  • The trader is allowed to go through the evaluation for up to 1 year to accommodate various trading strategies, especially the long term ones. 
  • The evaluation start date will be from the day of issuing the evaluation funded account. 
  • One the 1 year has passed, and the trader has not reached the target yet, City Traders Imperium will terminate the funded account, and the trader will be disqualified. 
  • During the evaluation and the portfolio manager phases, the trader must have at least 4 trades per month to keep the account active. Failing to meet this condition will cause the termination of the funded account, regardless of which stage in the funded trader program the trader at. 
  • The trader can give a notice of inactivity to freeze the funded account for up to 3 months and once a year. 
  • City Traders Imperium must approve the inactivity freeze notice for the freeze to be active and valid. 

Minimum Active Trading Days

  • The minimum active trading days are not calendar days. 
  • A trading day is a day where a trader opens a trade at any time. 
  • The PM traders are required to have at least 4 active trading days per month.

Minimum Trades

  • The trader must have at least 45 trades to demonstrate consistency and profitability over the 1 year evaluation period. 
  • A trade is a full-cycle counted from open to close. 
  • Multiple positions open at the same time on the same currency pair, and/or partial close of the same currency pair are considered 1 open trade. 

Flat Profit Targets

  • If the trader has reached all the requirements, the trader must close all the trader once reaching the profit target. 
  • City Traders Imperium will not pay profits higher than the milestone.

The Funded Trader Program Restraints

  • City Traders Imperium prohibits the following: 
  • CTI prohibits anyone applying for the trading program for any reason other than trading. 
  • CTI prohibits trading the funded program in coordination with other active traders at City Traders Imperium. 
  • CTI prohibits using the name of another trader on 1 or more accounts. 
  • CTI prohibits duplicating trades and orders by using a copy trading service. 

If a trader has more than one account with CTI, the trader cannot hedge among accounts. Each account will be treated individually. 

Any violation of risk management policies and/or the above restrictions will cause immediate termination of the forex funded account. However, the trader can always apply again after reviewing the risk management policies. 

By signing up to the evaluation funded program of City Traders Imperium, I hereby confirm and fully understand that my trading performance may also be affected by various conditions, as such:

Flexible Spread

  • Different market conditions and liquidity can cause spreads to vary accordingly. At high volatility events, such as during high impact economic releases, the spreads can widen. 

Stop / Limit Pending Orders

  • City Traders Imperium does not guarantee the execution of the limit and stop orders at the best price during abnormal, unexpected high impact events, or very volatile periods. However, the limit and stop orders will be executed at the next best available prices in the order books. 
  • Ordering at specifically requested price is not guaranteed for limit or stop orders during abnormal and volatile periods – the price will be filled at the next best price according to the exchange order book.

Market Gaps

  • Sometimes, during very illiquid periods, the markets can gap significantly. Any orders placed at prices with no quotes will be filled at the next available price. This may result in opening the trade at a less favourable price. 

Overnight Rollover Spread Conditions

  • At the end of each day, between 10 PM & 12 PM London’s time, the banks move vast amounts of orders from the current day to the following day. This may cause spreads to be significantly increased. 
  • Therefore, it is advisable to widen stop losses during these times to avoid unwanted execution of nearby orders due to technicalities. 

The Trading Commission

  • City Traders Imperium charges a trading commission that is provided by the liquidity provider LMAX. This is the standard in the industry for Brokers and Liquidity Providers. 
  • The commission amount charged by the liquidity provider is $9 per 1 lot. 
  • Email is the official medium of communication between the trader and City Traders Imperium. 
  • City Traders Imperium will communicate with the trader in real-time and to the best of its abilities to provide fast and reliable service to its traders. 
  • The traders must provide a valid email while the trader is enrolled in the funded trader program to allow real-time communications with City Traders Imperium. 
  • City Traders Imperium has the right to either freeze or terminates the account had the trader failed to respond to the company’s emails. 
  • City Traders Imperium provides back-up media of communication represented in the following: Skype, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, on-site contact forms, and phone calls.  
  • The trader must notify the City Traders Imperium of any changes in the trader’s email address.

During the evaluation phase

City Traders Imperium pas the net profits to the trader, once he achieves the milestone profit target, in one lump sum payment at the end of the evaluation. 

During The Portfolio Manager (PM) Phase

City Traders Imperium pays for net profits to the portfolio manager (PM) traders automatically at the end of each month. 

Note: The profits will not be deducted from profit accumulation towards the next milestone.

The Profit Share Calculations 

  • The profit share = The current month’s account balance – the previous month’s account balance. 
  • The Account Balance will be calculated based on the last day of each calendar month. 
  • If the trader makes no profit in a given month, the profit will not be paid to the trader until the trader recovers the losses from the previous month.
  • High Watermark profit is the last value of the account by which City Traders Imperium had paid for the trader. Once City Traders Imperium pays the due profits, a new Watermark is set.

The Payment Process:

  • At the end of each month, CTI sends an invoice with a detailed breakdown of the profit share due to the trader by email. 
  • City Traders Imperium will send the invoice automatically to the trader. 
  • Payment Due Date is during the 1st week of the new calendar month. 
  • The trader can choose where would prefer to receive the profit share. City Traders Imperium offers various options, such as Card Payments, PayPal, Skrill, and Nettelar. 

City Traders Imperium can terminate the funded account program at any stage, from the evaluation phase to the portfolio manager phase. 

The terminating of the funded account program may occur for all of the below reasons:

  • Reaching the maximum relative drawdown $ value. 
  • The violation of any of the Risk Management Guidelines.
  • The expiration of the evaluation of the funded accounts. 
  • The misuse or abuse of the program 
  • The use of the funded program for any other purpose than the authenticity of the individual trading. 

Applying Again After The Termination of The Program 

The trader can sign up again for the City Traders Imperium’s funded trader account regardless of the number of past terminations, as long as the trader complies with the policies upon the most recent application. Nevertheless, City Traders Imperium has the right to refuse to re-sign up at its discretion.

Termination Notice 

At the event of a termination, the following measures will take effect:

  • City Traders Imperium will send an official notice of termination will to the trader.
  • CTI will disable the trading permission in funded trading accounts.
  • CTI will freeze access for the trading account and platforms provided to the trader.
  • CTI will send a full detailed trading report to the trader by email.
  • If the trader is in net profit, CTI will calculate the total net profits made in the account and pay the trader the specified portion at during the same calendar month. 

Subject to the terms of this agreement, neither party hereto, shall be prejudiced in any way by inadvertent errors or omissions made by such party, providing such errors and omissions are corrected promptly following discovery thereof. Upon the discovery of an inadvertent error or omission by either party hereto, appropriate adjustments shall be made as soon as possibly practicable to restore both parties to the fullest extent possible and to the position they would have been in, had no such inadvertent error or omission occurred.

City Traders Imperium reserves the rights for future changes of these Terms and Conditions, upon notifications via an official email address given from the trader. The trader will be committed to the changes, or will officially be asked to resign from the program.