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"Having got the initial trading education but not going anywhere, Daniel helped me build a base from mindset and psychology and then move to technical. Unlike other forex mentors, Daniel's style is not a cookie-cutter. Since I started working with Daniel, I am more confident, and I have more clarity in my trading. I'm still trading with small pip size but have progressed, and I will continue to improve with each session. I hope to start trading with bigger pip size and earn a living from trading to do the things I'm passionate about. I'm very confident I can get there working with Daniel."

Ramila Patel Advanced Yoga & Wellbeing Coach

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The CTI High Performance
Trader Framework

City Traders Imperium Trader Framework For Mentoring

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From The Trading Desk Of Daniel Martin

I came to London in the year 2000 with only 300 Euros in my pocket which I spent on the first week on food and accommodation. I needed to do to make a living somehow without speaking English, so I got a job working as a porter.
At that time, I always asked the question …

What can I do to improve my situation?

In 2002 when I worked as a porter, a colleague of mine asked: “why don’t you invest in stocks?” He said he makes money doing this. He showed me a stock that he held in Rolls Royce. He told me I needed at least “£500″… I thought there was no way I can afford that on my wages!

I Felt Powerless

£500 would take me an entire year to save. For me, it was impossible at the time. This was when my first child was born, and I was working 3 jobs, 7 days a week. However little by little, I managed to save small amounts of money until I could afford a computer and an internet connection.
It took me 2 years to save for my first 2nd hand computer. This was the beginning of the 4 years, where the market …

Beat Me Down 

Through all the pain and losses, I was still learning … From 2004 to 2008 I was looking at the charts every day. I couldn’t afford a trading course, books or a mentor. There were no companies that would fund a trader like me—a trader with no economics degree and professional experience.

I Was The Worst Trader EVER …

I made all the classic mistakes like depositing into my forex account as I kept losing trades. I didn’t monitor my emotions, fear, greed etc …
As a beginner, fear is the first emotion I experienced when I lost money and greed when I made money.
The lesson I learned from this was that …

“IN Trading, if you don’t have the money, you can not make money”.

After several years of inconsistent results, I focused my efforts on developing my trading psychology. I applied some very powerful techniques that transformed me completely. I was no longer the fearful and greedy trader. I refused to allow self-sabotage cause me to fail and let my family down.

“I knew the only way out was to go ALL IN”.

From 2008, I became consistently profitable. Not many traders around me were profitable at that time. I was feeling great.
I specialised in Reversals. I wasn’t afraid of losing trades any more.

To sustain my consistency, I knew I had to treat trading like a business.

From 2011 I began mentoring traders … After years of learning the art of mentoring, I mastered several methodologies which propelled my students to profitability. I developed the framework I use to teach and mentor after discovering the tactics needed to start from zero.

I literally started with nothing … BUT

Now 16 years later, as a result of my financial success …

… A framework that has organically grown into a ground break concept helping traders all over the world LIBERATE their trading, families and their lives!

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