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It Takes 5 Years To Become a Professional Trader.
We Can Get You There In 1!

And not only that, we provide you with the skills and knowledge for passing our Funding Programs to become a Portfolio Manager with $2 Million of live funding.

Did You

Only 1% of traders become consistently profitable traders in 4 – 5 years.

It takes 4-5 years to become a consistently profitable trader. In fact, only 1% of traders reach that mark. The other 99% either end up failing, quitting or simply running out of patience.

But here’s what they don’t tell you about. These statistics are for RETAIL traders only.

The majority of traders working in prop firms become consistently profitable in less than 1 year.

Why is that? 

Because they are taught by other profitable professionals with years of experience.

They have access to veteran traders who understand psychology, the best trading strategies, risk management, and a trading floor to share ideas that make them thousands of dollars EVERY DAY.

At City traders Imperium, we want to do the same for you, so we created the Build Your Edge Course.

Professional Trading Environments Create Profitable Traders.

That’s what Building Your Edge is all about…

a professional community within a virtual trading floor centred around helping you to become profitable.

Designed by profitable veteran traders with 50+ combined years of experience in proprietary trading firms.

Building Your Edge mimics the exact environment that has helped them become highly successful and highly profitable. Giving you access to trader psychology development with 20+ hours of learning material.

You don’t have to wait 5 years to become a highly skilled and profitable trader!

With the skills, mental tools and trading methodologies provided to you in an easy to follow process. This cuts down the average retail traders learning curve from 5 years to just a few months.

In fact, many of our members have successfully passed our Funded Trader Program in as soon as 3 months of completing the Build Your Edge Course.

Here’s why it makes sense

Most trading education found online has been created by retail traders who make money selling repackaged courses.
Our program is unique in 4 ways

Trade With CTI’s Capital

We give you the opportunity to utilise those resources and become a funded trader, trading CTI’s Capital.

Access To Everything

They help you become profitable the same way they become profitable by giving you access to resources, knowledge and powerful methods that actually have a proven edge.

Exclusive Content

The course content is exclusive, and the teaching methods are easy to digest and implement into any busy schedule.

What Others Say About Us

Our public discord community has over two thousand thriving members who are sharing trading ideas and discussing ways on how to pass the Funded Trader Programs.

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Build Your Edge Student Success Story

CTI educates and gives you the tools to set you up for success

Unlike most prop firms, we take the time and effort to invest in our traders’ development.

We encourage joining The Build Your Edge Course before joining our Funded Trader Program.

Not only will this give you the highest chance of success in passing and becoming a profitable funded trader, but You also get to connect with profitable traders, share ideas and help everyone level up their game.

Here’s exactly what you get in the Build Your Edge Course

Not only do you receive the trading education of a lifetime that will flatten the learning curve and have you trading like profitable professionals in less than a year. 

But, you will also get access to ...

Trading Psychology Development

The Build Your Edge Course has decades worth of knowledge condensed into +20hours of insightful videos and practical work. You will learn concepts, frameworks, and practices to help you overcome your psychological flaws and improve your discipline.

Paradigm Shifting Techniques

Members are taught and guided through an internal dialogue to discover their life purpose. This powerful technique has proven to transform failing traders into profitable traders.

Free Bonus: 1-1 Coaching

Insanely valuable 1H Free guidance & Coaching to set you on the straight path in trading right from the beginning.

Free Bonus: Weekly Fundamental Breakdowns

Every Sunday, you will receive a fundamental report breaking down the latest news and fundamentals into easily digestible notes to help you in your trading decisions. So you never get caught off guard when it comes to news and reports releases.

Enhancing Performance

This course will cover the importance of being organised in your personal life and trading. You will also be given some powerful tools and tips to increase your efficiency. You will receive a complete daily routine to optimise your trading.

Accountability Teams

Trading is hard; nobody should have to do it alone. Having others keeping you accountable increases your success in all aspects of life, including trading.

Access To Senior Coaches

The CTI coaches will offer you exclusive feedback and guidance on an ongoing basis to support your development as a funded trader.

Access to a Virtual Trading Floor

Making profits day in and day out, and sharing profitable trading ideas with other members to hold yourself accountable.

Free Bonus: 20% Discount on Funding

We really strive to increase your chances of being profitable and want to make it more affordable.

Here’s some free content straight from The Build Your Edge Course

The greatest traders’ most effective weapon is a solid routine and habits that put them at a peak state.

CTI has created a “Disciplined Trader Schedule” PDF for you as part of the course material for one of the lessons in Efficiency on the Building An Edge Course.

This is a taster of what you get as part of the course.

Click the button to download this PDF. It’s our gesture of our goodwill.

Only Limited Admissions each month!

The Build Your Edge Course is for every skill level. Whether you are a novice just starting out and in need of guidance or a seasoned trader looking to level up their game. It’s a lucrative profit-making community with limited admissions each month.

This is to keep the quality of service, engagement and support as high as possible.

We vet each potential member with a 30-minute discovery call to see if you are the right fit for the Build Your Edge Program.

Competition is fierce; each month, we get hundreds of applications, and we only accept 15% of applicants due to our vetting criterion.

Will you be the next trader to become profitable?

The most expensive mistake is not investing in yourself to learn the skills needed to achieve financial freedom!

Right now you’ve got a choice.

You can continue on the same path, struggling to make profits, constantly staring at the markets, filled with anxiety and hoping for trades to work out in your favour without any real edge.

Or you can finally make a decision that has a real positive impact on your life, your finances and your freedom.

A decision to finally invest in yourself and live up to your true potential, live the life of your dreams and never have to worry about being an “unprofitable trader”

Because the truth is, everyone can be a profitable trader.

You just need some help to get there.

If you know that you need…

Then not only do you need a professional strategy and psychology course, but you also need to be around the right experts.

People that hold you accountable in our accountability system. A trading floor sharing lucrative setups and sharing powerful insights in psychology and risk management.

Unlimited access to senior traders’ technical and fundamental analysis.

And professional traders from all around the world available to answer your questions and help shape you into a consistently profitable trader.

The same environment that helps 90% of hedge fund traders succeed, we have created that environment for you in the MasterMind.

We at CTI, are here to ensure that you get the absolute BEST out of yourself and that you get the results you want. 

Who The Build Your Edge Course is NOT for!


Our members' success rate depends entirely on the effort they put in. We can provide you with the best trading education that has helped our traders succeed in their respective proprietary trading firms. But it depends on you if you are willing to take this wealth of knowledge and do something with it.

That being said, all our members do put in the effort. Have a 100% success rate.

The difference between us and other education platforms is that we don't just only educate you. We educate you in a way that helps you become a professional trader the same way proprietary trading firms educate their employees.

Our goal is not to just make you profitable but also to provide you with funding to put your new skills to use immediately.

There are fantastic trading books out there. But they will only get you so far. They tell you how to cross the bridge but don’t hold your hands at every step of the way.

In the Build Your Edge Course, we have a wealth of professional traders ready to assist you, whether in strategy or psychology.

The length of time to see results is entirely dependent on the effort you put in. In addition, it depends on factors such as how quickly you can consume our education and implement what you’ve learned. Based on this, it generally takes anywhere from 3-12 months to become a professional trader.

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Connect with other traders, discuss trading strategies, and learn from each other.

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