Funded Accounts

We use the Metatrader 4 platform, designed by Metaquotes. MT4 is the platform of choice for most Forex brokers and traders worldwide. Providing the MT4 platform to our traders was a natural decision, as our goal was to ensure a smooth learning and trading experience by offering the most familiar trading environment to our traders.

Absolutely. We trust in your judgement and skills and are not here to change a thing about your strategies. Trade comfortably with all of the tools and techniques you know using the MT4 platform, from trading scripts, to indicators and EA with zero limitations. Your success is our success and we support you all the way.

Yes. The Metrader4 app can be downloaded for free for Android on Google Play Store, or via the Apple App Store for iOS. Versions are available for various smartphones and tablets.

Our capital fund employs ECN (best price execution from various brokers) at the same time, but we respect their discretion and keep the names of each broker undisclosed and confidential at all times. It’s important for traders to understand that they are service contractors to us, and are not actual clients of a broker.  CTI is the brokers’ client. We’re seamlessly connected to a range of brokers via cutting edge technology partners.

CTI will attend to all of your needs with the utmost care. We believe every trader is entitled to support and assistance, be it related to tech inquiries concerns or trading related. Please contact our support via email: and we’ll gladly attend to your needs.

All of CTI’s trading activity is executed through our brokers via STP Market Execution. We forward an ECN-Broker-Fees-Structure to our platform, with institutional raw spread rates at zero markups, plus commission as a broker fee.
During periods of standard market volatility, major currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY are sold from 0.4 pip to 0.9 pip, and commission rate is set at $9 per 1 Standard Lot. Overnight swap fees are collected and/or paid nightly.

Any trading account you’re provided by CTI’s trading fund and its capital value are legally owned by our fund, as we allocate our own capital to traders on a contractor service-based agreement.

CTI’s evaluation period is specifically designed to observe how traders handle a range of market conditions while demonstrating consistent performance and stability. Our team’s objective is to ascertain whether your trading abilities are solid, robust and sufficiently mature to cope with a diverse range of the market’s intense and trying challenges.

Continue to trade the same way until you meet the additional conditions to qualify for a fully funded account. The benefit you gain is more profits to bank when your evaluation period ends. Please note: all traders are required to continue using the same trading method, as our evaluation program is designed for you to demonstrate consistency with solid results.

Yes. There are real, live people behind our website and brand. If for any reason you’re held back, or are actively trading and just need more time, please request a an extension for the time of your evaluation period, and we will consider it carefully. Evaluation-Accounts are terminated after 6 months otherwise.

We have no doubt that the evaluation period is critical for us and every trader before our capital funding team invests in your new trading career. We can certainly vouch for our commitment to ensuring that all traders will be evaluated with accounts that are funded with real money and your evaluation program fee will be the maximum loss during your evaluation period, which is only fair + Admin Fees. While we can all look for the drawbacks of the time, tools and systems that are involved in the evaluation program, the truth is we’re looking for traders who can put their money where their mouth is. Show us that you’re confident and profitable, meeting or exceeding our evaluation requirements. This would then be the time you’ll see yourself harvesting the full potential of our Portfolio Manager Programs.

A Fully Funded Trading Account
Profit Share Payout
Trading Losses Waiver
Trading & Technical Support
Quadruple your account size at target objectives met
Automatic entry 2X for 10% – We double your account every 10% you net

Our trading guidelines are proportionally similar for any program size, evaluation or a portfolio manager account. The CTI’s main concern is risk-management, measured by a drawdown < 4%, the presence of a hard stoploss for every single position at < 1.5% value of the account balance, and maximum open positions exposure < 5:1.

Drawdown is measured with following calculation:
The P&L money difference from the highest balance (closed positions P&L) value to the lowest equity (closed + open positions) whichever comes later.
E.g.: highest balance on 1st of May 12:45pm = $10,250, Lowest Equity after 1st of May 12:45pm = $9,800. The drawdown is $10,250 – $9,800 = $450.

Maximum exposure rule of thumb for all accounts is 5:1. However we like to simplify things, so we only look at lot size and not the actual $ value of a position.
E.g.: Account Balance $10,000 has a max exposure allowance of 10,000 X 5 = 50,000 = 0.50 Lot. A $40,000 balance has a max exposure of 40,000 X 5 = 200,000 = 2.0 Lots.

As we encourage holding on to running winners, any profitable floating positions with a hard stoploss beyond the profit level, (above break-even), is not included in the exposure count and more positions can be traded at once.

In short: YES, and over the weekend as well. The longer and full answer: CTI is the most flexible trading fund in the Forex industry, as we know traders come with diverse trading styles and personalities. Our motto is; ‘Don’t tamper with a successful recipe for success.’ In relation to the fund, you bring the grading formula,  we won’t touch it because we invest our capital applying it.

At CTI we believe what you’ve earned is deservedly yours, with our trade funding abiding by the highest code of ethics for trader payments. This includes in the finance sectors and online organisations worldwide. We ensure every trader is paid monthly, regardless of the sum you’re due to receive. Let’s keep it real: most of us don’t enjoy dealing with finances or accounting and we’re no exception. We like to keep our noses and desks clear of clutter at the end of each pay period and happily payout our Portfolio Managers in a timely and organised fashion, every month.