03. Profit Withdrawals

Questions List

01. What is the profit split at CTI?

It is based on a 50% profit share between the trader and CTI.

02. How do I request profit withdrawals from CTI?

To start with, you will be paid your 50% profit share after finishing from the evaluation phase. Whether you pass the evaluation or not, if you are in profit we will pay your profit share immediately after the termination of the evaluation.

During the Portfolio Manager fully funded account, you’ll be paid automatically every month! You don’t have to do a thing, except telling us where you want your owed profits to be paid.

03. How does CTI pay the trader’s profit share?

CTI is flexible in the way it sends the profit. This can be done through a wire transfer, Paypal, Skrill, or Neteller. We usually send an email with a breakdown of the profit share. before sending out the payment.

04. Does CTI pay traders 50% of profits made only when they reach 10% of their total account size?

No. You are paid 50% of any profits you make each month automatically. The 10% target is for the account growth purpose. When the trader reaches 10% profit target, we double the account. We don’t keep any unpaid profits.

05. If I achieve profits higher than the target during the evaluation period, will I get paid half of the said total profits or half of the target?

During the evaluation, you will only be paid half of the target you are given. Anything above that will not be paid. For example, if the given target is 6%, then you will be paid %50 of the 6% (50% profit share). Any profits made above 6% will not be paid.

06. Are my profits that are paid taken off the account balance?

No, We pay you the equivalent of 50% of the profits made. Your account is left intact, allowing your profit to compound.