05. Legality

Questions List

01. Is The Trader The Legal Owner Of The Trading Account?

No, all the CTI trading accounts we provide (and all the capital associated with it) are legally owned by our investors. We provide you with trading capital as per our terms and conditions.

02. Is CTI regulated?

We are not required to be regulated because we are an education company and we are not a broker.

03. Is my income from the funded account tax-free?

No, it is not tax-free. You will need to pay taxes on the profits made. CTI is not a financial nor accounting advisor. The trader has to report and declare his taxes.

04. Can two people trade one funded account?

We don’t allow two people to trade the same account, or even have two accounts with the exact same trades for that matter. We are looking for profitable traders who can trade the funds on their own.

Of course, you can always do the analysis on your own and share ideas with other traders. However, two funded accounts with the same exact trades are not allowed. If CTI sees any similar trades on two different accounts, both accounts will be terminated.