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Don’t fall into the retail trading trap!

Instead, learn a simple but effective mechanical trading strategy with a pure trading edge.

The Corrective Strategy allows you to see through market moves and capitalize on retail traders stops, whilst taking advantage of a consistent trading pattern.

Most traders fail because they lack a clear , rules based process that can implemented into the markets with consistency. So many fall into the trap of discretionary trading, which for traders with less than 5 years’ experience, proves very difficult to attain consistent profitability.

The Corrective Strategy solves this for you, and enables you to get one step ahead.

Simple, Effective, Profitable

You will not find this strategy anywhere else. This is the product of years of research, trials and tribulations on some of the biggest trading floors in Europe. The Corrective Strategy was discovered by Jamie Morris, CTI’s Senior Trader and Commercial Director, after countless hours at the charts whilst trading for multiple institutions and proprietary trading desks, combining concepts taught from multiple 7 & 8 figure traders with knowledge attained by Jamie himself.

By merging the principles of how the markets move with straightforward mechanical processes, you can develop the edge needed into becoming part of the top 5% of traders.

The Corrective Strategy makes trading simple and effective by taking the discretionary part out of trading, by using a mechanical strategy to remove trader ‘mistakes’ and implement trading concepts which actually work.

How does it work?

We take advantage of aggressive corrections across any asset on any time frame. We don’t look to catch the whole move of any asset, but rather focusing on consistency taking our slice from the market.

In order to profitable you need the following 3 things; back tested proven strategy with an edge, a set of trading rules and principles to follow, a team of likeminded traders to support you.

This program will give you all of those.

No matter what you level of experience is, this program is for you!

Whether you want to sharpen your current trading edge, learn a new system to diversify, or you simply have no knowledge of trading at all, you’ll be able to extract huge value from the Corrective Strategy Program.

About Jamie

City Traders Imperium - Chief Commercial Officer - James Morris
  • Started out as an independent trader without a clue in what I was doing. Tried many things and made many mistakes. I became obsessed with trading and dedicated pretty much every awake hour to studying the charts, reading books, listening to podcasts, engaging in trading communities. Blew many accounts but it didn’t stop me. 

  • Started to have a little bit of success after much failure but didn’t really have the capital to trade. 

  • Looked for a trading job where I could learn but struggled to find anywhere.

  • Eventually I found a mentor who took me under his wing and taught me his trading strategy. I learned a lot about trading psychology and sat with this trader most days for a few months and watched him place trades whilst trading alongside him.

  • After developing a trader plan I got backing on a London proprietary trading floor and traded alongside Martin Najat. We would trade FX day in day out and started to develop some consistency.

  • Met Daniel Martin on the trading floor as he used to come to the floor from time to time and offer mentoring.

  • After a few months I hit my 10% target and started to manage more capital, but it still wasn’t enough to make the kind of living I wanted to from trading.

  • Met another mentor, A Swiss Trader from a prominent family of Fund managers who had been running hedge funds since the 1940s. This was one of the most interesting traders I have ever met who shared with me, surprisingly, his whole strategy and philosophy for the markets. This had a big impact on my view of markets.

  • I continued to trade for the firm until I got the opportunity to join a much larger Commodity and fixed income trading firm, in fact the biggest one in Europe.

  • With my track record I was able to land a job there, where I sat on a commodity and fixed income desk. Here I was able to accelerate my development process. I worked alongside 7 figure traders who were trading with clips of 1000s of lots on a daily basis. Learnt multiple proprietary trading strategies and tried and tested many of my own trading systems, had many failures but much success also.

  • I spent 12 hours a day on this floor managing 100s of positions on a daily basis, provided liquidity to exchanges and employed market making strategies. All day Id be managing trades or researching and expanding my trading knowledge. It is here where the corrective trading strategy was born, A truly unique strategy that combined elements from multiple trading mentors and my own experience, into a mechanical system that could accurately identify a continual pattern in the market.

  • Being on this trading floor was a great experience for my trading career, this kind of intense type of trading takes its toll on you after a while. Incredibly stressful, and your brain can never truly switch off. Some days I would barely eat anything and I often couldn’t leave my desk to go to the toilet due to the short term nature of this kind of trading and the size I was trading. This  definitely was not what I envisioned when I first got into trading, I wanted financial freedom and the freedom to work from anywhere, be my own boss and trade exactly how I wanted to. This I did not have at all.

  • Meanwhile working in this firm, I had been working with Martin and Daniel to launch the CTI trading firm and had been developing my connections within the industry to make this become a reality. 

  • After having enough of this kind of trading, I left to go join a FX house at London to work in the institutional FX space, whilst still working with CTI and building out the funding side of the business.

  • Alongside this I continued to trade my own trading book and some private clients capital, as well as some funded capital, utilising the early form of the corrective strategy alongside my macro trading strategy.

  • After some time at the FX house, I decided to focus fully on trading and building the CTI brand.

  • I continually refined the strategy to where it is today.

  • After seeing so many traders struggle with the discretionary approach to trading in our trading community, and watching so many fail the CTI evaluation, I started to see many common themes. I would speak to traders on a daily basis and see the same things over and over again. So many traders are paralysed with over analysis and a really poor defined system with a lack of rules and structure. I would often ask traders how they trade  and so often it’s always a similar response ‘ I look at support and resistance, Fibonacci levels, trends and indicators, then I do this and do that’. It’s too often loosely defined, with a huge lack of structure and what happens is traders have no consistency in their approach to the market. One day they are a trend trader, next day a pattern trader, then reversal trader, a scalper then a swing trader…  in other words all over the place. If we don’t have consistency in how we identify trades, how can we expect consistency in our results?

  •  After much deliberation and internal debate I decided I would like to teach a small group my set of trading principles and methodology to help traders employ a trading edge, no matter what asset class or timeframe they are trading. Discretionary trading is incredibly difficult for traders with less than 3 years experience and I wanted to help traders remove all the mess from trading and help them focus on implanting a rules based system that has a clear defined edge. I was reluctant at first to do this, because of course, this is an edge that took a huge amount of sweat and tears to create, and I’m conscious of losing the edge if too many employ it. But at the same time life is about giving and sharing, and I would need a lot of people for this strategy to stop working, so I decided to offer it to a limited bunch, those who are serious about improving themselves as traders and dedicating themselves to it.

  • And here we are now… 

The program package:

Not only do you get an exclusive and highly profitable strategy. You also get lifetime support and a private community of veteran traders .

You also get access to:

Corrective Strategy

Completely unique edge


1-1 session with Jamie

Get a session with Jamie after completing your course.

Support Group

Access to Jamie and other senior traders along with all the corrective traders.

Works in Any Market

Forex, Crypto, Stocks, indices, commodities... The corrective has limitless potential.

Many Trade Opportunities

Plenty of trades to be taken advantage right from the beginning of your journey.

Full Course

Including example trades so no stone gets left unturned.

20% Funding Discount

We really strive to increase your chances of being profitable with significant trading capital.

Limited availability!!

The corrective strategy is suitable for all traders.

Due to the exclusive nature of the system and the style of trading we take, in order to ensure profitability for the years to come, we do not want to give this edge away to too many people.

We prefer work with small groups who can get the most value from the program.

We are looking for serious traders who want to level up their game and to consistent profitably.

We therefore like to speak to each applicant before joining to ensure they are a good fit for the program.

If this sounds like something you would interested in learning, then book a 30 minute discovery call with us today!


Our members success rate depends entirely on the effort they put in. We can provide you with the best trading education that has helped our veteran traders succeed in their respective proprietary trading firms. But it depends on you if you are willing to take this wealth of knowledge and do something with it. That being said, all our members that do put in the effort. Have a 100% success rate.

This is another purely unique strategy developed and created by Jamie himself, built on a collection of trading experiences, statistical research and insights from 7 figure trading mentors.
The strategy takes advantage of psychological and technical patterns whilst utilising market manipulation and stop hunts for entries and exits.
All of this is packaged into a set of rules and principles which both the discretionary and algorithmic trader can benefit from. The unique approach provides a clear edge and this is not something you will find taught anywhere else.

The length of time to see results is entirely dependent on the effort you put in. It depends on factors such as how quickly you can consume our education and implement what you’ve learned. Based on this it generally takes anywhere from 1-2 months to become proficient at the CORRECTIVE STRATEGY.

Absolutely! Our main mission is to equip traders with the skills and knowledge to trade successfully and professionally. Once that’s done, getting funded is the easy part.

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