Please Follow The Steps Below to Set Up Your Copy Trading Account

1. Fund an Account With Our Recommended Brokers.

Please choose between our regulated broker to fund your account.


The first broker is International Capital Markets known as IC Markets, which regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) located in Sydney. We personally have funds with this broker since more than 2 years so this is our first recommendation.


The first is “Darwinex“, which is regulated by the FCA and based in Canary Wharf, London, UK. They both offer protection on the funds in case of insolvency. If you wish to open a trading account with this broker, please click here.

2. Sign Up for the Copy Trading Software for Free.

This is the software that you will be using to connect your trading accounnt to ours. By connecting the 2 accounts, the registration is for free and quick. Please, click here to register, and complete the set up configuration as shown in the video below. 

3. Email Us.

Once you have done all the steps above, please email us confirming funding your account and setting up the copy trading software. Also, if you have any questions or have any difficulties throughout the process, send us an email to