Breaking: How Robert Jaques Passed Our Funded Account Program Evaluation in 3 Weeks!

We want to congratulate one of our recent most recent successful traders, Robert Jaques, for completing the evaluation for our funding program.

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Robert Jaques Trading Statement

Robert, J. joined our forex funding program in June and is now trading $24,000 forex funded account. His next target is to reach $48,000 after reaching his 10% profit target.


Can you please tell us about your forex trading experience before trading the City Traders Imperium’s funded trader account?

I was a local in the life exchange in the mid-nineties, but when that closed, I followed a different career path.

In 2016, I went on a technical analysis course, and then, I received a funded account with another provider. I still work full-time with the view to becoming a full-time forex fund manager in the future.


Can you share your experience trading our forex funded account with our audience? 

I have just recently completed the evaluation for the funded forex trader program in 3 weeks using my trading strategy successfully. Now, I have a $24,000 funded account, and I am looking forward to reaching the 10% target to double the capital afterwards.

What is great about this funding program is that City Traders Imperium pays me the profit share on time and gives you the possibility to trade your own style without any limitations.


What was the trading strategy that you used to pass the evaluation?

I trade technically with no indicators. I look for patterns, such as head & shoulders, double tops/bottoms, and descending triangles, etc. on the weekly charts.

Then, I assess at what stage is the market. From there, I look for key reversal bars in the weekly and daily chart and evaluate which are the highest probability trades that offer the best risk/reward.

Next, I only use sell and buy stop orders, and very rarely, I enter the market manually. Finally, I leave my positions run from one day to a couple of weeks.


Would you recommend others to Join CTI’s Funded Trader Program?

CTI ‘s team are very professional in providing their service. They fund the trading account within the same day of applying for the evaluation account. Also, any queries you may have by email are typically replied to within the same day.


Can you advise others on how to trade the funded accounts? 

My advice is that it’s not a race when you get your evaluation account. Take your time, and keep your positions small. It is all about managing your risk. My maximum drawdown was just 0.72%. I used 0.05 per pip per trade, and I took only 31 trades to reach $390.00 in 5 weeks).

It Is Time for You to Also Get Funded and Start Your Trading Career. Join Us Today!

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