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Our Story

In 2014 Daniel discovered that most “prop firms” in London were focused on hiring sales staff to sell courses rather than to develop people to become real traders managing their own capital. This was the start of Daniel’s vision to build a global online trading floor of mentored traders trading their own capital.

Daniel spent years working his way up to the top and gained much of his expertise from managing one of Switzerland’s most prominent prop firms in 2015. After years of success and achieving financial freedom, a new mission was born. Instead of retiring from the markets, Daniel committed to a new life goal of becoming a legendary trader by creating a global army of profitable traders.

Martin Najat was one of the students that Daniel was mentoring in one of these prop firms. After 4 years of not making any consistent returns, Martin felt like giving up trading and continue his career as an Investment Analyst. That all changed when Martin met the 16-year veteran trader and mentor Daniel Martin in late 2016. Martin’s talent and skill were evident to Daniel, but he was struggling with the psychological part of his trading process.

City Traders Imperium - Martin Najat & Daniel Martin During a Mentoring Session

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Our Programs

Funded Trader Program - Forex Funded Accounts

Funded Trader Program™

The Most Rewarding & Professional Funded Trader Program in The Industry.

Our mission is to help funded traders achieve freedom, no matter their background or where they are from.

The CTI Classic Funded Trader Program is catered for disciplined traders who want to achieve long term consistency. Join thousands of funded traders who have improved their risk management and psychology by trading with CTI. 

Get funded with one of the most straightforward and simple Funded Trader Programs, manage up to +$4,000,000, and take home up to 70% profit share. Trade Forex, Gold, & Indices.

Trading Psychology - City Traders Imperium

Trading Psychology Consultation

Let Daniel take you on a profound journey to unlock the High-Performance Trader within you.

Why do you continue to self-sabotage your trading performance? Join Daniel Martin on a profound journey within your own psyche to unlock the vault of high-performance gems that are hidden within you.

Why wait for months or years when you can fast track your success as a high-performance trader right now and unlock your potential just within a few hours. 

Daniel has helped many traders from diverse backgrounds and levels achieve a paradigm shift that propelled them to high performance and excellence.

Symmetrical Triangle Theory - City Traders Imperium

The STT Strategy

Learn Daniel’s exclusive strategy that offers high reward to risk and exponential returns.

Daniel Martin, the Co-Founder of City Traders Imperium, has revealed his most powerful strategy, which has contributed to much of his current success. Not only has the strategy helped him achieve consistency but also financial freedom.

The STT is a consistently backtested and proven strategy that delivers high-risk rewards pre breakouts. Joining Daniels profitable STT team of traders will accelerate your success. Many have already passed the Evaluation and are scaling higher as Portfolio Managers.

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE ~ Due to high demand and Daniel’s limited time.

Build Your Edge - City Traders Imperium

Build Your Edge

For traders seeking to master their mind and improve their discipline.

The biggest struggle for funded traders is the mental battles that occur daily. Self-sabotage is the leading cause for blown up accounts.

Even if you have an excellent and profitable strategy, you will not have the discipline to execute it if you do not have the trader mindset.

That is why CTI have created the only mindset and psychology program you will need to become a complete Golden Trader. Building Your Edge course will develop your trader psychology and give you the tools to improve in just 2 months of studying.

The CS Strategy

Learn James' Strategy that targets high liquidity areas with exceptional precision entries.

The majority of traders fail due to a poorly defined trading process and a lack of a real trading edge that enables them to compete in the most competitive market in the world.

The Corrective Strategy is a blueprint for trading consistency, and it’s a completely unique strategy you will not find anywhere.

The Corrective Strategy takes advantage of aggressive corrections across any asset in any timeframe, perfect for both intraday and swing traders.